What is the difference between a biography, an autobiography, and a memoir?

The three basic forms used to narrate the tale of a person’s life are biography, autobiography, and memoir. While there are some parallels between these forms, they differ significantly in terms of language, style, and aim. A biography is a non-biographical informational narrative and account of a person’s life history published by someone who is […]

How Television Works

Television is unquestionably one of the most powerful powers of our era. You can watch news, sports, entertainment, information, and ads on a television set, also known as a TV. The average American spends two to five hours per day hooked to the television! Have you ever pondered how television is made possible by technology? […]

Digital Image Processing Tutorial

Digital Image Processing Tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of Image Processing. Our Digital Image Processing Tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals both. Digital Image Processing is used to manipulate the images by the use of algorithms. For processing digital images the most common software that used widely is Adobe Photoshop. Our Digital Image […]